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The Recovery Advocate

Advocacy . Case Management . Coaching


A process of change through which individuals improve

their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and

strive to reach their full potential.


Susan Bowling is a knowledgeable and experienced advocate for the advancement of treatment alternatives to incarceration. Since 2004, she has referred several hundred people to treatment programs throughout California. Whether accompanying a client to court in person or advocating quietly behind the scenes, Susan is able to create and implement a treatment plan which adequately responds to any court or probationary requirements.


Good case management means knowing when and how to refer and provide for a person's needs as they arise. Addressing the needs for detoxification, medical and mental health conditions, medication supervision and additional support services are important factors when creating a treatment plan. Susan’s extensive knowledge of various community providers of care and her established relationships with these facilities are invaluable resources when matching to her clients needs. 


Recovering from addiction can take many forms.  There is no one size fits all solution, but there are many well established tools one can use along the way. Coaching recognizes that each individual will take a different path and have different goals to aspire to. Private coaching sessions focus on the setting of specific life goals in and beyond recovery and create a continuum of care while focusing on specific ambitions for change. Private coaching is available for persons in all stages and phases of recovery.


AJ: A 27 year-old man, facing felony drug charges in Chicago, enters treatment in a southern California program. Sentenced to 6 months of residential treatment in lieu of incarceration, he struggles at first, relapses but returns asking for help. AJ completes the program and voluntarily enrolls in aftercare services.

CM: A 38 year-old mother of 3, facing a probation violation and new charges, promises the court she will complete a year of treatment, but gets discharged within her first week at the program. She enters a new program, reunites with her family, gets a job and successfully completes court and probation requirements. CM has celebrated 4 years in recovery while living at home raising her children.

RM:  A 19 year-old college student arrested in Texas for possession of heroin and cocaine is sentenced to treatment in lieu of continued incarceration. Enters treatment at a southern California program and builds a strong support group of other young addicts in recovery. She successfully completes the program and returns to home to complete her studies. About to celebrate 18 months of abstinence, she remains close with her support group in California while building a new one at home.

“Everything changed when Susan started working for us. Finally, my son began to get the help he needed."  MaryAnn D.

“Susan played a major role in the success of the SB1453 and ICDTP Drug Treatment Program at Substance Abuse Foundation." 

Parole Agent II Dwight Storay,

CA Department of Correction & Rehabilitation

Office of Substance Abuse Treatment Services  


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