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Fees For Services...

Initial consultations by phone are provided at no charge. 



California incarcerates more people than any other state in the nation. There are more homeless people in LA than any other city in the US. Our criminal court system is deeply affected by both of these factors. Access to services is challenging for a healthy person of sound mind in small community. Imagine the barriers that exist for an incarcerated person, one of more than 21,000 inmates in custody at any given time in the largest jail system in the world. It is hard to be heard in a population of that size. 

Many addicts don’t look like addicts on paper. Their criminal charges do not reflect the underlying causes of their criminality. Good advocacy asks the questions that will provide the answers necessary to address the problem.

Advocacy rates are billed at 100/hr or can be charged at the flat rates listed below.

In-custody interview: $150

Advocacy letter for the court: $150

Court Appearance: $350

Accompaniment to court: $350
Transport from custody to treatment: $250



​Case management is the process of seeing the larger picture. Good assessment makes for good referral. A thorough look at the strengths and weaknesses of a client anticipates the need for additional services and averts a crisis by linking and facilitating care. Sometimes that looks like taking a client to the doctor, picking up medication, or providing a progress report to the court. 

Case Management fees are billed at 100/hr (in increments of 15 minutes).





Coaching creates an individualized continuum of care along the path of recovery by identifying and prioritizing specific goals in the ambition for change. It differs from a mentorship model in that it focuses on designing solid life goals and being held accountable to the pursuit of those goals. Appropriate for all stages of recovery, coaching can accelerate a person's progress substantially in early recovery and reduce relapse. 

Coaching fees are billed at 100/hr for each hour session.


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